Workshop: Imaging and Vision from Theory to Applications

March 14th - March 16th, 2018

Siegen, Germany


Visual perception is one of the most important human senses which allows us to capture a vast amount of information within an instance. Automating the analysis and interpretation of images and videos to exploit the rich information contained in such data is a key aspect of visual computing. Along with the development of new sensing modalities and algorithms to reconstruct images from the recorded data, it has led to a tremendous amount of applications ranging from medical imaging over the entertainment industries to a continuing automation in all areas of our lives.

A key aspect for the success of image processing and computer vision is the continuing interaction and entanglement of different disciplines: Imaging modalities such as magnetic resonance tomography, time-of-flight sensors or terahertz imaging require a thorough understanding of the underlying physics in order to develop reconstruction algorithms. Even in common color images the extraction of certain types of information, e.g. computing the shape of an object based on its shading in an image, requires a precise forward model -- a fact which naturally demands the collaboration between computer graphics and computer vision. Despite the complexity of image formation processes, the amount of data to be processed is increasing exponentially, creating an urgent need for highly efficient numerical algorithms.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts in the areas of mathematics, image processing, computer vision, computer graphics, and imaging applications to foster the collaboration across different areas. A particular focus of the workshop is not only the presentation of state-of-the-art results, but also the presentation of unsolved open problems and even negative results in the respective fields. While such results typically do not appear in publications their discussion represents a crucial aspect for the field of visual computing, particularly at the interface of different disciplines.


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The workshop will take place in the castle of Siegen. It is in walking distance to the train station, to the old and new town, as well as to several hotels. The precise venue will be the main building of the castle, room US-A 134/1.


We have 35 rooms in the Holiday Inn Express Siegen, Koblenzer Str. 114, 57072 Siegen, for € 84 per night including breakfast, which are held back for conference participants. If you'd like to have such a room, please make a reservation before January 15th. The hotel is in walking distance to the conference venue (about 1km). Please mention the "Workshop Imaging and Vision" reservation to have the aforementioned rate guaranteed. The easiest way to do this is to call the hotel directly via +49 271 33810. Note that booking service websites will not allow you to mention the "Workshop Imaging and Vision" - only the Hotel itself knows of it. Parking is available for € 8 per night at the hotel. Other hotel options in walking distance of the conference venue inlcude the City Hotel Siegen, Koblenzer Str. 135, 57072 Siegen, or the H+ Hotel Siegen, Kampenstraße 83, 57072 Siegen.


Please register for the workshop until January 15th, 2018 via the following registration website. The registration is free of charge. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that we need to calculate the number of participants. In case you have registered but unexpected obstacles prevent you from coming, please unregister using the link you get during registration or send an email to

Furthermore, we have a limited number of scholarships to support young researchers coming to the workshop in Siegen. Please fill out the corresponding application section in the registration form, if your host institution cannot support your travel costs.


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